Most flexible human resources system

The SST system for integrated software gives you programs with the latest advanced technology, designed specifically for the in-house business system with the flexibility to update and change different features to suit every business system! SST ensures you have integrated integration to keep track of different departments from one central location, with the usual tasks being easy to work with minimal time and effort.


Advanced Features


The SST integrated software system has a lot of programs that Support in house human resources managment more effectively.

10.برنامج الإدارة الطبية

Medical Management Module

Establish a competent medical department within your organization that is concerned with the health of employees.

Career Path & Succession Planning Module

Identify your strongest employees and plan for career progression by understanding the organization’s goals and knowing employee needs.


 Why SST ?

SST will be your gate to an integrated human resources system which is specifically and perfectly designed to fit your business needs.

Let’s have a clear vision about the features that SST provides to support the development of your business:

1.تحويل العمل بسلاسة

Have an integrated system


Transferring entire enterprise data from one system to another is a real challenge as it exposes your data to the risk of losing it but with SST all challenges are overcame.

In SST, we will transform all your company data professionally to the integrated human resource management system SST. Besides, the SST system includes the ability to import data from excel files.

With SST, save all your company data in one central system with a stable database and automatic backup copy of the data to ensure that your data is continuously saved.

2.تقليل الأخطاء

Reduce errors by 99%


No matter how hard you work as you may encounter many errors in the payroll calculations, data entry, and analysis even if you are using a programmed system

Therefore, SST depends on the feature of filtering data in all its programs by choosing from a group of previously entered data to ensure its accuracy, and to reduce the time required to enter the same data every time.

With SST, avoid all errors expected by the human side with the option of filtering the report’s data available in the control panel program according to the department, branch, or employee.

3.نظرة ثاقبة

Have the insight that leads to quick decisions


With SST, only one click of a button will be enough to view full detailed reports for each manager in terms of the number of employees, their attendance, and their vacations within his department through the attendance and departure management program.

Monitor your productivity through the performance management software and the workflow management software which supports each manager in easily making decisions to improve team performance, with the ability to control the level of data access for each person according to the degree of his job.

SST also helps you to know the cost of salaries, insurances, and taxes periodically and its reflection on the organization’s decisions within the Payroll and Employment Administration.

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