Employee Self-Service and Workflow

If you are responsible for dozens of employees within your organization, it may become an administrative nightmare to track each employee’s basic information in all its detail if you rely on paperwork and non-customized programs. Simple questions such as what my vacation stock is, or when my contract is renewed, or what my salary breakdown is, become time-consuming and effort-driven!

Now, You can manage human resources within the organization perfectly using the employee self-service program, this is the program you need as a human resources manager to achieve reliability and flexibility through a user interface that provides flexible ways to access data by employees and the ability to process it by themselves.

most important features of the employee’s self-service program and workflow are:

Data Accuracy

– the employee’s self-service program and workflow provides the details of each employee, without papers, in an organized manner and in one place, where all employee’s general data, salary details, social security, holidays, and clocking details can be recorded.

Workflow seamlessly

– The self-service application makes it easy for employees and managers to register requests from vacation requests, permissions, promotions, and more, as well as ensuring a smooth workflow process, through the feature of requests that provides more than 15 types of requests from which to choose and allow the employee to submit the request to the relevant departments without complex steps. The program also allows employees to track and book their annual leave, managers to approve requests and see how many teams are available.

Data Privacy

– The employee’s self-service and workflow program allocates a different path request for each employee according to their role, with different access levels, and the process details are kept for the administrative levels to which the request is directed only. With the ability to automatically send a custom e-mail to the employee, with approval or rejection.

crucial administrative decisions!

– Have a lot of data? Don’t use it to develop your business?

You can add a control panel software to your workflow program to enjoy an accurate analysis of all employee data such as the number of employees in each section or department, the attendance and absence rate in each department, thus making administrative decisions to improve performance. Or review each employee’s data and select the required files with one click.

Creating a great work environment

Enabling the employee within the company to control his own operations without additional efforts through the self-service program is an important element of an organization’s sense of belonging and responsibility, which in turn helps build a good working environment for the employee. The HR manager also uses employee data such as birthdays to allocate automatic congratulatory messages through the program.