Learning & Development Module

institutional training programs improve productivity, develop and retain the workforce, and software training management programs, in particular contribute to reducing the time taken to prepare training materials and prepare the entire training process, and research always appears as a result of organizations ‘ investment in employee training and performance development, building a strong organizational loyalty and culture that increases employee retention within it; According to some statistics; one in three employees leaves his company, and the cost of losing an employee in the first year of his employment maybe three times higher than the cost of their salary.

The SST Training Management Program enhances basic features in training management, most importantly:

Integrated training module

– the Training Management Program provides an effective system preparing and implementing an integrated training plan by centralizing the data of the training material and its various types in one place, with assigning the training plan to each training material such as identifying the qualified trainers for each training subject, types and duration of the courses, and distributing each group of employees to a plan Appropriate training while determining the actual number of days and hours, cost and location of training.

Training efficiency

– The training management program guarantees the efficiency of employee training through the feature of scheduling training events according to the intended results from the training needs analysis, with the ability to prepare an unlimited number of user groups and assign training requirements to these groups.

Create custom training plans

– you can also integrate with the personnel management software to ensure accurate management of training requirements by keeping the employee’s profile up to date by integrating and synchronizing all training related modifications with the profile, and tracking employee data that is reflected in training management such as department, employment date, training status, etc., and ensure consistency of selection with easy tracking of results.

Access performance and training metrics

– The Training Management Program helps you to analyze the details of the training held for the ability to develop and access measures of employee training performance, by obtaining various reports on the type of training material, the list of names of trainees, the result of the training, certificates granted, evaluations and other criteria that affect the development of training.