Why SST ?

SST will be your gate to an integrated human resources system which is specifically and perfectly designed to fit your business needs.

Let’s have a clear vision about the features that SST provides to support the development of your business:

1.تحويل العمل بسلاسة

Have an integrated system

Transferring entire enterprise data from one system to another is a real challenge as it exposes your data to the risk of losing it but with SST all challenges are overcame.

In SST, we will transform all your company data professionally to the integrated human resource management system SST. Besides, the SST system includes the ability to import data from excel files.

With SST, save all your company data in one central system with a stable database and automatic backup copy of the data to ensure that your data is continuously saved.

2.تقليل الأخطاء

Reduce errors by 99%.

No matter how hard you work as you may encounter many errors in the payroll calculations, data entry, and analysis even if you are using a programmed system

Therefore, SST depends on the feature of filtering data in all its programs by choosing from a group of previously entered data to ensure its accuracy, and to reduce the time required to enter the same data every time.

With SST, avoid all errors expected by the human side with the option of filtering the report’s data available in the control panel program according to the department, branch, or employee.

3.نظرة ثاقبة

Have the insight that leads to quick decisions


With SST, only one click of a button will be enough to view full detailed reports for each manager in terms of the number of employees, their attendance, and their vacations within his department through the attendance and departure management program.

Monitor your productivity through the performance management software and the workflow management software which supports each manager in easily making decisions to improve team performance, with the ability to control the level of data access for each person according to the degree of his job.

SST also helps you to know the cost of salaries, insurances, and taxes periodically and its reflection on the organization’s decisions within the Payroll and Employment Administration.

4.تطوير العمل

Develop your business continuously

Rapid developments for software products are a must not an option. Otherwise, they will become a burden. Thus, SST provides continuous and periodical technical updates to its programs without additional financial costs!

SST system continuously follows up on the updates of the state’s labor and insurance laws by specialists in the field of human resources and from reliable legal sources, then apply to the system immediately or according to the policy of each facility, with the ability to add and activate any legal regulations of the institution within the system when needed.

5.التحكم في عملك

Control your business

The efficient use of data in companies is a main challenge as the human resources administrator may own all employee data in one organized and central system, but he cannot follow the workflow efficiently, or exploit the data to improve performance!

With SST, make a benefit of what you possess because the e-mail reminders program ensures you follow up on your work, achieve tasks, and solve problems. Besides, the reminders program includes more than 25 types of notifications that you can choose from.

These notifications include specific reminders to the workflow program in the SST system, to ensure that requests are progressing to all the paths to which the request is directed, that they are on their correct path, and that the workflow process is not disrupted.

These tasks may include requesting documents from an employee, renewing a driver’s license for a corporate vehicle before its expiry, or approving a pending license request.

6.نظام مفتوح مرنّ

Have a flexible open system

If you need a human resources management system that is unique in its characteristics and is specifically designed to fit your needs, help in developing the performance of employees effectively and scientifically and achieve the goals of the organization with a clear vision, SST will always be your perfect choice.

SST is an open system that allows adding or modifying properties following the company’s business requirements without any additional fees!

The flexibility of SST is embodied in its regular updates by introducing new features to the system. With the ability to request adding new features for free! Most of the features are added based on user requests

7. تكامل العمل مع الجهات المختلفة

Integrate your work with different parties

SST system is not only a central system that gathers company data in one place but also a flexible system that allows exporting and integrating data with various programs including accounting programs such as; SAP, Sun System Great Plains, and I Scala.

Thus, it allows the possibility of making accounting entries using data from the system easily and submitting them to the accounts department. As well as the ease of exporting the required data files to Excel, Word, and Pdf and submitting them to the concerned authorities, such as tax settlement, for example.

You can also connect with the company’s bank account directly and export employee payroll files and payroll disbursement to their bank accounts with one click.

8.أمان البيانات

secure your date

the security and the privacy of employees’ data is not a thing to play with, therefore the SST system allocates different data access levels according to the job grade for each person to limit access to sensitive data.

Besides, the system records detailed reports of all the movement in the program that can be referenced at any time.

SST system also supports automatic data storage to preserve data in case of any technical problem, and it also allows scheduling of data storage within a specified period by the organization.

9. تحقيق بيئة عمل ناجحة

Achieve a successful work environment

Employee satisfaction and reducing employee resignation are the main signs of having a successful and cooperative work environment which is the goal that companies always seek to achieve.

Having an integrated work system is a must for achieving employee loyalty. As it will enable them to follow all the details of his privileges and communicate with the administration more effectively through the Personnel Management Program, with the ability to assign messages to the employee on holidays and special occasions.

With SST, you can also make evaluations periodically for employees through the performance management program, to work on developing their performance and measuring the extent of their loyalty to the organization.

Make your employees part of the decision making and raise their loyalty with SST as they will periodically evaluate their management performance too.

10.العمل بسهولة

Work easily

With SST, save both your effort and time and avoid complicated measures.

SST provides an easy-to-use interface that does not need any specialized training. For the business owners, the flexible system makes it easy to log in and manage employees’ data, from hiring to termination and everything in between.

For employees, SST provides the tools every employee needs to easily access and manage their data. The employee self-service software makes it easy to view salary items, direct deposit information into an employee’s account, taxes, and benefits.

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