Timekeeping Management Module

Unlike traditional methods of tracking employee time such as paper timesheets, digital time and attendance systems provide much more advantages than simply recording employee attendance and departure times. As automatically creating timesheets and assigning them customized by type of shifts within each department, and automatically calculating overtime work time according to the standards and laws of work within the organization is one of the important advantages for employers from time and attendance systems.

The following is a summary of many features and tools provided by the SST time and attendance system:

Dedicated Clocking in and out

The attendance and time system gives flexibility in choosing shift types in different departments and supports the selection of appropriate registration tables if there is a shift of specific times or an open shift that is not tied to times but a specific number of hours, or shift in consecutive days, such as hospital shifts, or shift in separate days divided into periods such as some hotel departments.

Integrated merging

The various SST programs are linked in an integrated way through the program’s support  for the characteristics of another program, where the attendance and time management program is closely integrated into the payroll account concerning daily attendance and leave, and automatically calculates its impact on salaries monthly, calculating deductions and vacation balances, as well as sanctions, and helps to ensure that all time data is correctly entered into the payroll system and saves time, through more than one feature:

– Software integration for connecting to fingerprint devices

The software converts all data into program inputs and converts them into information that affects business or organization decision-making. It can show any difference between the fingerprint devices and the software.

– Calculate overtime

The program supports the calculation of overtime based on the recorded departure time, with the integration of the company’s overtime laws within the program, in addition to the ability to choose to add it to the vacation balance or as a monetary value on the salary.

– integration with workflow software

The time and Attendance Program allows for the recording of entitlements for sick time and other types of paid holidays while allowing the competent department to approve before its calculation is reflected on the workflow and salaries.

Improving the efficiency of work within different departments

You can easily track employees by displaying various attendance reports, including the actual number of employees per day, the daily monitoring the non-present, the number of daily working hours, displaying the difference between the fingerprint device and the actual attendance, as well as monitoring the delay, calculating penalties and overtime hours, the calculation of the leave balance in addition to wage details. These reports are reflected on the work of the various departments of the organization, and contribute to the overall vision of work within the organization and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner to improve work efficiency.