Who are we…?

Solutions for Integrated Software – Solutions Software Technology is a software leader that develops software specialized in human resources, making it a developer of the most enterprise-oriented human resources system and offering intelligent, integrated solutions to manage the work of different departments within organizations across different fields.


Our story



 ( 2002 ) Our start

Founded in Cairo in 2002, SST has built an integrated system that seamlessly addresses everyday tasks within departments of organizations and businesses, covering all human resources functions in a fully integrated manner.

In addition, the company has provided many integrated solutions to support the various programs and integrate them with the SST program to work on the interest of the organization and maintain the privacy of data within it. These solutions also helped reduce the impact of some programs’ deficiencies on saving data, facilitating workflow, and enhancing the overall performance of the organization or company.

The SST has developed its products to keep pace with the rapid development of software, to become competitive within the Egyptian market, in various fields such as hotel and tourist facilities, universities, hospitals and health facilities, factories, construction companies, real estate finance, restaurant management companies, service agents and other. SST has also started to enter new markets.


 ( 2012 ) International expansion

In 2012, SST, which established its first Riyadh headquarters in Saudi Arabia, was expanded to meet the needs of Gulf Arab companies according to the laws and regulations of each country, and the challenge was to implement a completely new regulation of the work and day-to-day management of facilities in the Arabian Gulf. This is due to the flexibility of the program and the ability to modify it and to work seamlessly with the addition of any new laws



 ( 2014 ) Spread of the company name internationally

Here, the real start in the international markets began by contracting with the Boudl Group for Hotel Management at the level of 80 branches in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the SST program succeeded in managing more than 8000 employees within one institution. International partnerships have continued, with 180 customers outside Egypt relying on SST to manage their human resources.


Solutions Software Technology now

SST are now available in 7 countries with three different language interfaces. It serves more than 530 organizations and nearly 350,000 employees, providing them with continuous updates in order to achieve work on a specialized and flexible program.