Documents and Files Archiving system

Organizations always have trouble saving, archiving, and maintaining data in one central location, so SST provides a specialized electronic archiving program that supports several features for data security.

Easy data saving

Do you imagine archiving data takes so much time and effort that prolonging this step makes sense?

The electronic archiving program provides ease in capturing and storing data from all types of documents electronically through the feature of merging with various formats, whether e-mail, any digital format, or even papers.

Departmental integration

The electronic archiving program allows you to work with other departments within the organization, by referring to stored documents and their ease of printing for use in auditing accounts, performance audits, or legal procedures, or any procedure that needs a document that can be used by the electronic archive and retrieve it immediately.

Data security

Electronic archiving helps you keep all your organization’s documents in one place that you can centrally control.