Compensation & Benefits Management Module

The payroll management is one of the most important tasks of human resources (HR) officials within any institution, which needs great accuracy, and error with it may lead to an increase in the costs of the company or getting the company into ill-considered legal problems.

 The payroll management program within the SST system helps save time and effort spent in managing salaries in an integrated and direct manner with the company’s bank accounts, and reduce human error by a large, almost non-existent, percentage, as it includes several features that help you complete the task with the best possible efficiency and its reflection on other departments Within the institution. and that is through:

customized support for applicable laws in the country and the company.

– You can accurately complete the monthly payroll process, in addition to the ability to calculate the net income and total salary for each employee with the calculation of income taxes, and allowances for salary disbursement, through the service fee distribution feature, and through the program’s integration with tax laws and calculating the tax rate automatically without any manual calculations, As well as the automatic calculation of the social insurance rate according to the labor law in the country, with the possibility of adding and updating company-specific laws within the program in a specialized manner, with the possibility of changing them monthly or annually.

The program also helps you automatically determine monthly and yearly salary increases for each employee in percentage and amount due, with detailed selection of the reason for the increase such as: Job level and employment status.

Integrate your business with the company’s various departments.

The calculation of the total salary of each employee is reflected in the general company’s budget, including details such as deductions for insurance and income tax, and the program helps you to send direct reports to the finance department through the feature of exporting payroll JVs files to various budget programs.

– The program helps you save your time and reduce your effort, by facilitating the export of key information on monthly and fixed transactions from within the program and using it in issuing reports for various departments within the organization through the integration feature with Excel programs, and you can also provide tax compliance reports and legal documents easily and in a limited time To financial department within the company, because the program is integrated with tax laws and the ability to calculate it automatically.

Satisfying the employees

– You can specify the method of salary disbursement for each employee, whether receiving cash or through the bank account, or parting the salary among several sources, through the Multibank feature for each employee, through which you can direct the salary to several parties automatically and without a maximum of accounts, You can also add multi-currency bank accounts through the Multi-Currency feature, which helps you part the salary in the local process and other foreign currencies according to the employee’s need, especially if he has another nationality.

Pay salaries with one click.

– You can complete banking transactions without effort or additional time through the program’s integration with the bank, by automatically exporting the bank’s documents in the appropriate format to it from the program, and thus you can perform transactions between the institution and banks with one click.

Maintain the privacy of employee data.

The process of managing payroll accounts requires a great deal of sensitivity and privacy. The program helps you to enhance security and keep the confidentiality of employee data, by specifying different levels of data access for all user roles, according to the career hierarchy from officials to employees.

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